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Kids in the Garden

The Anchor Nature Explorer's Club

The Anchor Nursery is situated in lovely grounds surrounded by a beautiful woodland that lend itself to be used for excellent outdoor learning.

The Anchor Nature Explorers Club will offer our children the chance to try more adventurous outdoor activities. Under adult supervision they can take part in activities such as climbing trees and natural art.

Based on the Forest School ethos, we will run our own Nature explorers’ sessions to support children’s development and understanding of the natural world.

Children are encouraged to use all their senses as it helps them to become aware of their surroundings and unleash their creativity.  The Nature explores club will continue to support all areas of the children’s development while following the Early Years Foundation Stage. This allow them opportunities to be physically active in the fresh air, whatever the weather!

In extreme weather conditions however, activities will be provided within the outdoor classroom. The activities will be child-led and allow them to work independently and with other children as it helps development of social skills, problem solving abilities and creativity.

In the Forest
Educational Gardening

The beautiful woodland provides our Nature Explorers with the freedom to enjoy the natural environment and to discover themselves. Free to climb and swing from trees, and to make dens, campfires and life-long friends within a consistently risk assessed area, our young people get to enjoy every minute, rain or shine.

Key to our long-term investment in our door environment is the opportunity for our Explorers to learn things that are increasingly essential in next generation careers.

Problem solving skills, agility, self-confidence, tenacity and resilience are developed through a combination of free play and structured challenges.

Our Explorers Club is open to other school children once a week subject to our strict admission criteria as we contribute to our community health and wellbeing strategy.

We strongly recommend our Explorers club as the physical and wellbeing advantages of time spent in our beautiful woodland are plain for all to see.

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